The Theatre of the FUTURE has been living in Eastpointe, Michigan since 1994!

The TeeVeeStage™ Presentation System at


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Welcome to the TeeVeeStage™ Presentation System. Currently in use at Broadway Onstage Live Theatre in Eastpointe, MI, it is a completely new way to enjoy live theatre. There are eight monitors above the stage and eight cameras above the audience. During the performance, audience members are provided with eight alternate viewing perspectives of the live stage presentation. Audience members sitting in the left portion of the theatre see views of the right side of the stage, and visa versa.

This patented system was created for everyone's enjoyment.

Broadway Onstage is the first theatre of its kind in the world.

You can license this new concept for use in your facility.

$700/year for a non-exclusive license to the TeeVeeStage™ Presentation System

$1000/year for an exclusive-50 license (exclusive to a 50-mile radius of your facility)

$2000/year for an exclusive-100 license (exclusive to a 100-mile radius of your facility)

LICENSE FEES include a written overview of the execution of the patent at Broadway Onstage Live Theatre, a complete copy of the Patent Document as registered in the U.S. Patent Office, unlimited electronic consultation and an electronic licensing document. Yearly fees are determined by the first date the system is utilized in your facility.

License the TeeVeeStage™ Presentation System by CLICKING HERE!

License fees do NOT include equipment or consultative visits.