A mystery thriller by Leslie Sands

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Select Sundays at 2pm
September 7 through October 6, 2007
Special 2pm Sunday Matinee on Sunday, September 16

SOMETHING TO HIDE, a mystery thriller by Leslie Sands, is the next production at Eastpointe's Broadway Onstage Live Theatre. Opening on Friday, September 7 and running Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Select Sundays at 2pm through Saturday, October 6, this unique and special play takes the audience on an exciting roller coaster ride of mysterious events.

Select Sunday Matinees are only performed at Broadway Onstage when a prearranged group of 30 or more is scheduled to attend. There will be a Special 2pm Sunday Matinee of SOMETHING TO HIDE on Sunday, September 16. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is located at 21517 Kelly Rd. at Toepfer (8 ˝ Mile Rd.) in Eastpointe. It is the home of the patented TeeVeeStage™ Presentation system, which employs cameras above the audience and monitors above the stage to provide audience members with different viewing perspectives of the live stage performance. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is also the home of Dennis Wickline Productions, Inc., which began producing Non-Equity professional live theatre on the Eastside of Detroit in February of 1980.

The setting for SOMETHING TO HIDE is a charming house in the English countryside, where Howard Holt, a writer, is visited each weekend by his wife, Karen, who is also his publisher. During the week he is joined by Julie, his mistress. As the action begins, Julie tells Howard that she is pregnant and intends to keep the baby. As he reacts to this, she runs out to her car to retrieve cigarettes and is (apparently) run over and killed by Karen as she enters the driveway. Karen is distraught. She has no idea that Julie had been with Howard, and believes she has killed a local pedestrian. Howard convinces Karen that they must hide the murder and concoct a story to explain the damage to her car. Thereafter begins a sequence of events in which one unexpected turn follows another, as a seemingly gullible police inspector accepts the story cooked up by Howard. But then, the real fate of the mistress enters the picture-and all facts are deftly used by the inspector (who is more clever than they thought) to set the trap which untangles the twisted web of lies and brings a real murderer to justice.

A very talented cast appears in the Broadway Onstage production of SOMETHING TO HIDE. Newcomers to Broadway Onstage Ken Karges and Sharon R. Emeigh portray Howard and Julie, respectively. Ms. Emeigh has appeared professionally in this area at Abreact Theatre. Mr. Karges has appeared on a number of area stages on a professional and community level. Sally Savoie, a local professional with many theatrical roles to her credit, including Stella in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, will be seen as Karen. Other newcomers to Broadway Onstage are Todd Minnehan as Will Purdie, the local mechanic, Elizabeth Rager as Stella, the housekeeper, and Maureen Cook as Miss Cunningham, a neighbor and local busybody. Broadway Onstage favorite John Arden McClure takes on the role of Inspector Davies. Mr. McClure has been seen in a number of varied and exciting roles at Broadway Onstage. The production is under the able direction of Jane Burkey, who recently directed the production of SHERLOCK'S VEILED SECRET at Broadway Onstage. Stage Manager for the production is Molly Dodge, director of the summer comedy at Broadway Onstage RED HOT MAMAS.

JOHN ARDEN MCCLURE (Inspector Davies) - John's first appearance on our stage was in 2005 as Charley in THE BOOK OF MURDER. Since then he has been in numerous productions here, including Charles Wellington York in last season's SHERLOCK'S VEILED SECRET and Dr. Zubritsky in FOOLS.He has also appeared as Benny in EPIC PROPORTIONS, Reverend Chasuble in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, Donnie in THE FOURSOME, Charlie Dugan in APRIL, MAE AND JUNE, and Mellersh Wilton in ENCHANTED APRIL. John is a theatrical veteran, having portrayed Ranger Tom in ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT, Bozidar in DEAR SANTA, and Trent in THE LAST RESORT for Starbrite Dinner Theatre. He is also a member of Grosse Pointe Theatre, having portrayed Anthony Marston in TEN LITTLE INDIANS and Kenny Norman in PROPOSALS. We welcome him back to our stage.

SALLY SAVOIE (Karen) - This is Sally's first role for us here at Broadway Onstage, but she has been seen in a number of local venues in a wide range of roles. She has portrayed Adelaide in GUYS AND DOLLS, Stella in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Sugar in SUGAR, Pfeni in THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG, Heidi in THE HEIDI CHRONICLES, and Myra in DEATHTRAP, among others. She has choreographed and danced in ROMANCE, ROMANCE and acted as Assistant Director for the productions of THE SOUND OF MUSIC and PAL JOEY. Sally has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with concentration in performance. She also plays guitar and is a certified Pilates practitioner. She will appear as Sandy in our next production, A THOUSAND CLOWNS. We're thrilled to have her with us. Welcome, Sally!

KEN KARGES (Howard) - While this is Ken's first appearance on our stage, he is no stranger to theatre. He appeared as Petruchio in TAMING OF THE SHREW for Hudson River Shakespeare Company in New York, as well as appearing in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for Schenectady Civic Players. Locally, he has been seen as Duke Orsino in TWELFTH NIGHT and as Alan Squier in THE PETRIFIED FOREST, among others. He has also been seen at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as Ambrose Dingleberry, a Dung Dealer (one of the street characters). Ken has studied acting at the Purple Rose Theatre and Second City. We are very proud to have him on our stage and hope that his role as Howard is the first of many for our company. It's a pleasure to have him with us. Welcome, Ken!

SHARON R. EMEIGH (Julie) - A newcomer to our stage, Sharon debuted with the Players Guild at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she received a B.A. and M.A. Her past credits include Viola in TWELFTH NIGHT (2000), The Angel in ANGELS IN AMERICA (2001), The Ensemble in THE VAGINA MONLOGUES (2001-2004), Goddess Peace in LYSISTRATA (2002), Lady Fidget in THE COUNTRY WIFE (2003) and Faith in the Hopwood award-winning original production of FAITH (2004) by Nathaniel Wright. Sharon has also directed THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (2005). Most recently, she performed as Young Seraphine in THE CHINAMAN'S WALTZ (2007) by local playwright John Karabetsos. It's a pleasure to have her with us, and we hope this is the first of a long line of roles for our company. Thanks, Sharon!

MAUREEN COOK (Miss Cunningham) - Another newcomer to our stage, Maureen is a theatrical veteran with a wealth of experience. She has portrayed a number of varied and exciting roles, including Miss Tweed in SOMETHING'S AFOOT, Miss Marple in MURDER AT THE VICARAGE and Madame Armfeldt in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. She has also been seen as Matron Mama Morton in CHICAGO and as Madame De Rosemonde in LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSE. It is a great pleasure to have her on our stage, and we hope she will grace our stage again. Welcome, Maureen!

TODD MINNEHAN (Will Purdy) - Todd also makes his debut for Broadway Onstage with his performance as Will. He has been seen in CRIMES OF THE HEART as Doc Porter for the Eastern Michigan University Theatre, as well as a variety of roles in GREATER TUNA for Lady Bug Productions. He wrote, directed and performed in his own film, BIZNASS KASUAL: THE MOVIE. He also participated in several workshops at the Purple Rose Theatre. It's a pleasure to have Todd performing on our stage. Welcome, Todd!

ELIZABETH RAGER (Stella) - Elizabeth is making her acting debut with her performance in SOMETHING TO HIDE. However, she is no stranger to the stage, peforming parody songs as part of a singing group as well as performing skits in theatre-in-the-round. She is also an able pianist, playing in a variety of venues including accompaniment for soloists and musicals. She believes her occupation as a trainer helped prepare her for the stage: "In training others, you design and present everything for learning with a little entertainment spread throughout; with theatre, you design and present everything for entertainment with a little learning spread throughout." We welcome you, Elizabeth.

JANE BURKEY (Director) - Janie just directed last season's closer, SHERLOCK'S VEILED SECRET. She directed our production of BOOK OF MURDER three seasons ago. She was seen as Irene in UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE several summers ago, and she also directed our hit version of STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the beginning of our 2002-2003 Season. She has directed and performed in many productions for Wickline Productions in the last 22 years. She is also a 30 year member of Grosse Pointe Theatre. Some of her favorite performances include: Blanche in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS & BROADWAY BOUND, Lucy in DRACULA, Hilary in DADDY'S GIRLS, Vera in THE FEMALE ODD COUPLE, Nettie inTHE SUBJECT WAS ROSES, Ida in THE CEMETERY CLUB, and Mdm. DeVolange in DANGEROUS LIAISONS. Welcome back, Janie!

MOLLY DODGE (Stage Manager) - Molly appeared as Minnie in THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS last December and as Wimpie in GIFT OF MURDER last January and early February. She was also seen as Charters in OVER MY DEAD BODY and stage managed MR. 80% last fall. She was seen as Mrs. Graves in our spring 2006 production of ENCHANTED APRIL. She also directed last summer's production IMPOSSIBLE MARRIAGE and this summer's RED HOT MAMAS. Molly appeared as Angelica in our summer 2004 production of CHEATING CHEATERS, and directed our next production DEAD CERTAIN, both to great acclaim. She also appeared as Bev in 2004's GRACELAND AND ASLEEP ON THE WIND, and was seen as Ani, the Spirit of the Sea in 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA several seasons ago. Molly portrayed Annie Wilkes, one of her favorite roles, several seasons ago in the thriller, MISERY. Each role she takes on displays her talent and versatility. Molly has been with our company since 1982, when she portrayed Yente in our first production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Since then she has appeared in countless productions, creating a number of varied and exciting roles. Thanks for all the years of memories, Muff!

DENNIS WICKLINE (Producer/Set Design) - Dennis portrayed Marc in ART and Weller Martin in THE GIN GAME here at Broadway Onstage last fall. He was seen as Henry in THE BOOK OF MURDER in the winter of 2005, as Bradley in THE COCKTAIL HOUR in the fall of 2004. He is the producer of all shows at Broadway Onstage. He began producing theatre in February of 1980 at Stouffer's Eastland. This season is his twenty-sixth of producing non-Equity professional theatre in the Detroit Metropolitan area. He is the author of a number of plays and musicals, including THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS. Dennis portrayed Vernon in THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG in the spring of 2000 here, and portrayed Herbert Bracewell in THE RETURN OF HERBERT BRACEWELL in 2001. He also appeared as Fagin in Grosse Pointe Theatre's 2001 production of OLIVER! and was seen as Joe Keller in their production of ALL MY SONS in March of 2005. Dennis was also seen here in the thriller THE WOMAN IN BLACK in the fall of 2002, portraying 5 separate characters. He directed GPT's production of SHOW BOAT in May of 2005 and their EPIC PROPORTIONS in January of this year.