A World Premiere Comedy!


A Great New Comedy
By Cecelia Reuter Lesner
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
and Select Sundays at 2pm
January 10 through February 8

The 20th Season of Broadway Onstage Live Theatre and the 33rd, and final, season of Dennis Wickline Productions ushers in 2014 with the World Premiere Comedy YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA by Cecelia Reuter Lesner, opening on Friday, January 10 and running Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Select Sundays at 2pm through Saturday, February 8.

Select Sunday Matinees are only performed at Broadway Onstage when a prearranged group of 30 or more is scheduled to attend. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is located at 21517 Kelly Rd. at Toepfer (8 ˝ Mile Rd.) in Eastpointe. The theatre is the home of the patented TeeVeeStage™ Presentation system, which employs cameras above the audience and monitors above the stage to provide audience members with different viewing perspectives of the live stage performance. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is also the home of Dennis Wickline Productions, Inc., which began producing Non-Equity professional live theatre on the Eastside of Detroit in February of 1980.

YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA introduces us to our heroine, Annabelle. A regular visit to her therapist leads Annabelle into revealing that she is still insecure about almost everything in her life. Her therapist, Joanne, tells her to "listen to her inner voices" to gain confidence. Annabelle ultimately goes home no more confident than before. Much to her surprise, all of her "inner voices" come to life and manifest themselves as real, and sometimes very odd, characters that begin inhabiting her apartment. These "inner voices," sometimes strange and combative, help Annabelle out of her funk and bring her into the life that she so richly deserves in a completely unique and comedic way.

A fine cast has been assembled to bring this comedy to life for the first time. Portraying Annabelle is Jackie Bery. Ms. Bery currently tours with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival and has been seen in a number of productions for their company and in other venues. Patrick O'Lear takes on the role of Ben, one of Annabelle's inner voices. Ben is a gruff old man trying to get Annabelle to "man up!" Mr. O'Lear was seen at Broadway Onstage as Tony Wendice in DIAL "M" FOR MURDER last season. Shirley Biggs-Urkshus appears as Surely, another of Annabelle's inner voices, but dressed as a fairy godmother. Ms. Urkshus has directed a number of productions at Broadway Onstage and was last seen there in the comedy CAHOOTS two seasons ago. Sarah Oravetz, just seen at Broadway Onstage as Frankie in CHRISTMAS BELLES, takes on the role of Ima, Annabelle's drop-dead gorgeous inner voice who is going to show her how to maximize her inner beauty.

Broadway Onstage favorites John Arden McClure and Elizabeth Rager complete the cast of inner voices as Comfort, an overgrown six-year old, and Bea, a chain-wielding biker-babe. Mr. McClure and Ms. Rager were just seen in CHRISTMAS BELLES at the Eastpointe theatre as Justin and Honey Raye. The cast is completed by Ed Thomas as Annabelle's obnoxious boyfriend, Rodney. Mr. Thomas has performed at Broadway Onstage on numerous occasions, most recently as Jack in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. He is also the author of a number of plays, including THE SCOTTISH PLAY which was performed at Broadway Onstage Live Theatre several seasons ago. The production is under the direction of Dennis Wickline, producer of all shows at Broadway Onstage.

Tickets for Opening Night, Friday, January 10 are $15. Tickets for all other performances are $18. Again, Broadway Onstage is located at 21517 Kelly Rd. at Toepfer (8 1/2 Mile Rd.) in Eastpointe, Michigan. Ticket Reservations are strongly recommended by calling (586) 771-6333.

JACKIE BERY (Annabelle)- While this is Jackie's first appearance on our stage, she has a wealth of experience in other professional venues. She is currently touring the state with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival and has appeared in such productions as ROMEO AND JULIET (as the Nurse and Lady Montague), MACBETH (as a Witch and Lady MacDuff) and SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES (as the Evil Queen). She has a BFA in Acting from Oakland University and appeared in a number of productions there while a student, including SUNDAY GOIN' TO MEETIN' (as Sarah) and ECLIPSED (as Nellie-Nora) among others. She has also been seen as Olive in The Female Version of THE ODD COUPLE. She has been a pleasure to work with and we welcome her to our stage. Thanks, Jackie!

PATRICK R. O'LEAR (Ben) - Patrick was seen here last season as Tony Wendice in DIAL "M" FOR MURDER. He was also seen here two seasons ago as Dagwood Patch in MURDER ME, MURDER ME, MY DARLING, MY DARLING! He was seen as Alfred Fielding in THE PROBLEM OF CELL 13 and Archie in THE LAST GREAT BRITISH SEX FARCE EVER! three seasons ago. Patrick first appeared for us as Paul in MURDER AT THE HOWARD JOHNSON'S and then appeared as Sergeant Stenning in our production of MURDERER during the 2009-2010 Season. He was very active in theatre as a young man and minored in theatre at Mercy College (now U of D/Marygrove). He appeared in a number of productions at Macomb Community College including AUNTIE MAME and LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL (as W.O. Grant). He was also in a variety of productions at Mercy College, including LUV and THE CHERRY ORCHARD (as Simon Yephikodov). Patrick was also involved in local improvisational theatre, and created various roles for the annual Sterling Heights Fire Fighters Christmas Show, including "Mrs. On-Fire." He has also appeared in David Mamet's EDMUND at the Furniture Factory. Patrick would like to congratulate Dennis and Broadway Onstage on the 33 years of great theatre!

SHIRLEY BIGGS-URKSHUS (Surely) - Shirley is not only a talented director, but a talented actress as well. She was seen as EMMA in the SOCIAL SECURITY MURDERS in the Summer of 2010. She also directed our spring 2010 production THE CRAZY TIME and our fall 2010 production of THE LAST GREAT BRITISH SEX FARCE EVER! Shirley was also seen as Mrs. Chauvenet and Mrs. Chumley in HARVEY and Grace in THE LADIES OF HARMONY several seasons ago. She was also seen in the summer of 2007 as Sarah in our production RED HOT MAMAS. She portrayed Dora Winslow in our fall 2006 production OVER MY DEAD BODY. She directed 2008's ART OF MURDER and our season closing production THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST several seasons ago. Shirley portrayed Polly in CLIFFHANGER here several seasons ago to great acclaim and also portrayed Elvira in our Holiday Production THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS all ten times. Shirley first appeared for us in our original murder-mystery THE THEATRE MURDERS aka THE DINNER THEATRE MURDERS as Mrs. Buldheiss/Olivia. Shirley has also directed for other companies, including such productions as STEPPIN' OUT, among others. Welcome back, Shirley!

ELIZABETH RAGER (Joanne, Bea) - Elizabeth has been busy this season. She was seen as Mindy in our season opener FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS, Mrs. Barrymore in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES and Honey Raye in CHRISTMAS BELLES. She was seen last season as Josephine in TAPDANCE! Honey Raye in our Christmas Comedy CHRISTMAS BELLES and Celestine Bunner in TRENT'S LAST CASE. She was also seen as Maureen/Sister Mary Kneepad in 2012's MOTHER SUPERIOR'S HABITS and as Sylvia in last season's opener, THE GREAT AMERICAN SEX FARCE! Liz was also seen here as Madge in THE SEX MANIAC and Liz in LOVE SONG. She was our Stage Manager for MURDERER to begin 2010 and has stage managed a number of other productions. She made her acting debut with her performance as Stella in our September/October 2007 production of SOMETHING TO HIDE. She is no stranger to the stage, peforming parody songs as part of a singing group as well as performing skits in theatre-in-the-round. She is also an able pianist, playing in a variety of venues including accompaniment for soloists and musicals. She believes her occupation as a trainer helped prepare her for the stage: "In training others, you design and present everything for learning with a little entertainment spread throughout; with theatre, you design and present everything for entertainment with a little learning spread throughout." We welcome you back, Elizabeth.

JOHN ARDEN MCCLURE (Comfort) - John just portrayed Justin in CHRISTMAS BELLES, Sherlock Holmes in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, Stephen in THE KITCHEN WITCHES and, earlier this season, acted as Stage Manager for FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS. Wow! He was seen last spring as Chester in TAPDANCE! He opened last season as Captain "Bangs" in THE GREAT AMERICAN SEX FARCE! He followed that by portraying Inspector Hubbard in DIAL "M" FOR MURDER and took on the role of Justine in CHRISTMAS BELLES and Phillip Trent in TRENT'S LAST CASE, a script he also wrote. He was also seen as William in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES. John gave very memorable performances as Beane in LOVE SONG, Herb in THE CHRISTMAS CAROL CAPER, SCROOGE THIS!, Grant in CAHOOTS, and Nick in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS last season. He also stage managed THE SEX MANIAC in the summer of 2011, and has stage managed other productions. He took on the title roles in our closer in 2009 DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE to great acclaim and has appeared here in numerous other productions. John's first appearance on our stage was in 2005 as Charley in THE BOOK OF MURDER. John is also a theatrical veteran for other area groups, having portrayed Ranger Tom in ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT, Bozidar in DEAR SANTA, and Trent in THE LAST RESORT for Starbrite Dinner Theatre. He is also a member of Grosse Pointe Theatre, having portrayed Anthony Marston in TEN LITTLE INDIANS and Kenny Norman in PROPOSALS. We welcome him back to our stage!

SARAH ORAVETZ (Ima) - Sarah was just seen as Frankie in CHRISTMAS BELLES, a role she originated for us last season. She was first seen on our stage as the flighty Ophelia in THE LAST GREAT BRITISH SEX FARCE EVER! several seasons ago. She was also seen here in THE PROBLEM OF CELL 13 and THE BROADWAY ONSTAGE MURDERS. She obtained her BFA in Musical Theatre from Central Michigan University in 2010 and has been steadily working in the metro Detroit theatre scene ever since. She was a part of the 2008 CAP21 Summer Intensive and involved in Actors Connection workshops in NYC. Previous favorite shows include EDGES with AKT Theatre in Wyandotte, and BARE: A POP OPERA with the Box Theatre and the DATC. She was recently seen as Jack's mother in the Detroit Actors Theatre Company's production of INTO THE WOODS. Welcome back, Sarah!

ED THOMAS (Rodney) - Ed was just seen as Jack in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. He has written three productions that have been premiered here at Broadway Onstage, including the very successful and very funny THE SCOTTISH PLAY from several seasons ago. He authored ALL'S WELL IN 804 that was presented here in 2003, as well as APRIL MAE, AND JUNE which was premiered here in 2006. Ed also appeared as Harry Lambert in that production and Ted in THE FOURSOME that same season. Ed was seen here in MY DAUGHTER'S RATED "X"(as Cliff) in the summer of 2005. He was also seen in the spring of 2005 in EPIC PROPORTIONS (as Phil)and THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (as Algernon). Ed appeared in 2003's summer production UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE. Ed was also seen as Captain Faragut in our world premiere musical 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA in the spring of 2003. He was seen as Ron, the biker in our production CANDY AND SHELLY GO TO THE DESERT, also in 2003. He appeared on a number of occasions at Dave and Buster's Mystery Theatre. Ed is very active with Grosse Pointe Theatre and appeared as Jack in their CHARLEY'S AUNT several seasons ago, and portrayed Ray in Neil Simon's PROPOSALS for GPT in the spring of 2003. He has created a number of memorable theatrical scripts and is an award winner of the Community Theatre Association of Michigan's annual playwrighting contest, and several national contests. His WORKING STIFFS was premiered by Stagecrafters in 2007. Thanks for everything, Ed!

CECE LESNER (Author) - CeCe was just seen as Patsy Price in our Christmas Production CHRISTMAS BELLES. She was seen as Lucretia Malvenia in MURDER ME, MURDER ME, MY DARLING, MY DARLING! and Jan in CAHOOTS two seasons ago. She appeared as Bert in our season opener THE SOCIAL SECURITY MURDERS in 2010 and was seen as Bea in LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS in the summer of 2009. She was seen as Christine in our spring 2008 comedy MIXED EMOTIONS and originated the role of Dorothy in our Holiday Comedy THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS. She has appeared in a number of other productions here at Broadway Onstage, including COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN and BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, among others. She has also performed in other theaters in performances of LET'S MURDER MARSHA and THE CEMETERY CLUB. Thanks,CeCe. It's always a joy working with you!

DENNIS WICKLINE (Director/Set Design) - Dennis was seen as Edna in Grosse Pointe Theatre's HAIRSPRAY in 2012. He was seen here as Olin in THE CHRISTMAS CAROL CAPER, SCROOGE THIS! and Frank in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS in 2011-2012. Dennis portrayed Hector in THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS here in December of 2010. He portrayed Miles in our spring 2010 comedy THE CRAZY TIME as well as appearing as Ty in THE SCOTTISH PLAY to close our 2009-2010 Season. He portrayed David O'Selznick in MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS and Elwood P. Dowd in HARVEY in the fall of 2008. He was seen as Major Powell in CORPSE and Frank in WEEKEND COMEDY here in 2008. Dennis was also seen as Bradley in THE COCKTAIL HOUR in the fall of 2004, among other productions. He is the producer of all shows at Broadway Onstage. He began producing theatre in February of 1980 at Stouffer's Eastland. This season is his thirty-third, and final season, of producing non-Equity professional theatre in the Detroit Metropolitan area. He is the author of a number of plays and musicals, including THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS. He also appeared as Fagin in Grosse Pointe Theatre's 2001 production of OLIVER! and was seen as Joe Keller in their production of ALL MY SONS in March of 2005. Dennis was also seen here in the thriller THE WOMAN IN BLACK in the fall of 2002, portraying 5 separate characters. He also directed GPT's 2005 SHOWBOAT and 2008's JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.