A "Family" Comedy!


A Comedy
By Tom Dulack
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
and Select Sundays at 2pm
April 11 through May 10

The 20th Season of Broadway Onstage Live Theatre and the 33rd, and final, season of Dennis Wickline Productions comes to a close with the Tom Dulack "family" comedy BREAKING LEGS, opening on Friday, April 11 and running Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Select Sundays at 2pm through Saturday, May 10.

Select Sunday Matinees are only performed at Broadway Onstage when a prearranged group of 30 or more is scheduled to attend. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is located at 21517 Kelly Rd. at Toepfer (8 ˝ Mile Rd.) in Eastpointe. The theatre is the home of the patented TeeVeeStage™ Presentation system, which employs cameras above the audience and monitors above the stage to provide audience members with different viewing perspectives of the live stage performance. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is also the home of Dennis Wickline Productions, Inc., which began producing Non-Equity professional live theatre on the Eastside of Detroit in February of 1980.

BREAKING LEGS takes place in a New England Italian restaurant owned by Lou, a successful mobster. The restaurant is managed by his beautiful unmarried daughter, Angela. When Angie's former college professor, Terrence, arrives to ask for financial backing for a play he's written about a murder, the fun begins. The three main Mafiosi are intrigued with the idea of producing a play, not only Lou, but his "associates" Mike and Tina. Angie becomes enamored with Terrence, who is delighted to have the family's support. His bubble is burst when he discovers, through the "accidental" death by train of a lesser thug, that his backers are gangsters. Not only does Terrence have to wait around for the "family's" decision on whether or not to back his play, but he is also asked to write the eulogy for the fallen thug. In this madcap situation, murder and menace are served up with plenty of pasta and laughter.

The Broadway Onstage production of BREAKING LEGS brings together some of the funniest moments and actors from its past. BREAKING LEGS was originally produced at Broadway Onstage in 2003, and four of the original cast members return to repeat their roles. Sal DeMercurio, who has also appeared at Broadway Onstage in OVER MY DEAD BODY and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE will again appear as Lou, owner of the "family" restaurant. Tony Amato, also seen at Broadway Onstage in WEEKEND COMEDY and THE CRAZY TIME, reprises his role as Mike, the mobster with the strange laugh. Olivia Wickline, recently seen as Dolly Biddle in this season's THE KITCHEN WITCHES at Broadway Onstage, is seen again as Tina, the "family" muscle. Sal Rubino repeats his role of Frankie, the unfortunate mobster who is "jammed up" in paying a debt.

The 2014 BREAKING LEGS cast is completed by Broadway Onstage favorites Sharron Nelson as Angie and Charley Davis as Terrence. Ms. Nelson was just seen as the Sketch Nurse in THE SUNSHINE BOYS and Mr. Davis appeared this season as Sir Henry Baskerville in THE HOUD OF THE BASKERVILLES. The production is under the direction of Christopher Oakley, Frank in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES last season at Broadway Onstage, and director of a number of productions there, including MISERY from several seasons ago and the recently completed THE SUNSHINE BOYS.

Tickets for Opening Night, Friday, April 11 are $15. Tickets for all other performances are $18. Again, Broadway Onstage is located at 21517 Kelly Rd. at Toepfer (8 1/2 Mile Rd.) in Eastpointe, Michigan. Ticket Reservations are strongly recommended by calling (586) 771-6333.

SAL DEMERCURIO (Lou) - Sal was seen as Sir Danvers Carew in our 2009 production of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. He directed our ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT to close our 2007-2008 Season. He was seen as Trevor Foyle in our fall 2006 production of OVER MY DEAD BODY to everyone's delight. He is a theatrical veteran on many levels. He originated the role of Lou in our 2003 production of BREAKING LEGS. Sal taught Drama and English in the Detroit Public School system for 36 years. He was seen professionally in CHAPTER TWO at the Great Lakes Dinner Theatre, and has been active with Grosse Pointe Theatre since 1982. He is a Past President of the group. He has taken on a number of varied and exciting roles for GPT, including Arron Levinsky in NUTS, the Reverend in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, and Big Julie in GUYS AND DOLLS. His role in FILUMENA garnered Sal a Best Actor Award. Sal just directed their Purdon Studio Theatre production of BARTLEBY THE SCRIVENER. We're honored to have him back with us.

CHARLES DAVIS (Terrence) - Charley was just seen here as Sir Henry in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, as Tripp in FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS and our spring 2013 production of HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES as Bob. He was also seen as Miles in our summer 2012 production of THE GREAT AMERICAN SEX FARCE! He appeared as Joseph Ballard in 2011's THE PROBLEM OF CELL 13. He portrayed Stu for us in our season closer of 2010, THE SCOTTISH PLAY. He has a wealth of experience in other venues. He is a longtime member of both Fine Arts Society of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Theatre and is a Past President of Fine Arts 2007-2008. He just directed Fine Arts production of THE BIRDCAGE. He has been seen in a number of exciting and varied roles. He was Brutus in JULIUS CAESER at Wabash College in 1990. He was recently seen as George Noonan in Jeff Daniels' THE VAST DIFFERENCE for Fine Arts. Charley has also been seen on a number of occasions at Grosse Pointe Theatre. He was Frank Lubey in their production of ALL MY SONS in 2005, and portrayed Albert Kramer in their 2005 production of DEAR RUTH. He has also been see in local films, including one of the InZero episodes for When Thoughts Collide Productions. It is great to have Charley with us again. Thanks, Charley!

SHARRON NELSON (Angie) - Sharron was just seen here as The Sketch Nurse in THE SUNSHINE BOYS. Also this season, she appeared as Twink in CHRISTMAS BELLES, Trisha in FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS and Beryl in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. She was seen last season a number of productions, including TAPDANCE! as "Lips." She has also been seen here on a number of other occasions and choreographed and appeared as Madame Ziegfried in A MUSICAL SALUTE TO VAUDEVILLE AND BURLESQUE to close our 2010-2011 season. She is quite active with Grosse Pointe Theatre, and portrayed Louise in their version of EPIC PROPORTIONS in January 2007, and was seen in their 2008 production of JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. She was seen in their Purdon Studio Theatre production of THE EXONERATED and has also has served on their Board of Directors and choreographs and directs for the Youth on Stage program. She can be seen in the Sundance film BILAL'S STAND as the high school counselor. Other film credits include playing the role of Mary in MARY'S BUTTONS a local film about the first Michigan sheriff shot in the line of duty. Sharron also teaches power skating to hockey players. It's a pleasure to have her with us. Welcome back, Sharron!

TONY AMATO (Mike)- Tony appeared as Jerry in THE CRAZY TIME several seasons ago and as Tony in WEEKEND COMEDY in 2008. They were both great comic turns. Tony was also seen here as Mike in BREAKING LEGS in our 2003 production. Tony has been doing theatre locally, on a professional and community level, for over thirty years. He is a longtime member of Grosse Pointe Theatre, and was seen there in their fall 2006 production of 70 GIRLS 70. Tony was in a number of productions for us at the Golden Lion Dinner Theatre, including A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, PIRATES OF PENZANCE, and NO SEX PLEASE, WE'RE BRITISH. Tony is a member of SAG, and has done a number of voice overs, commercials, and industrial films. Welcome back, Tony!

OLIVIA WICKLINE (Tina) - Recently seen here as Dolly Biddle in THE KITCHEN WITCHES, Liv was also seen here two seasons ago as Aida in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS. In December of 2010 She appeared as Dorothy in our last production of THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS. She was seen as Peggy several seasons ago here in WEEKEND COMEDY and Kate in 2010's comedy THE CRAZY TIME. She originated the role of Tina in our 2003 production of BREAKING LEGS. In other professional endeavors, she appeared as Louise, Clive Owen's secretary, in the David Schwimmer film TRUST and was also seen as the housekeeper, Mrs. Polanski, in the Hallmark Channel film SMOOCH. She was seen several seasons ago in 70 GIRLS 70 at Grosse Pointe Theatre, and was also seen there in 2005 as Ida in their production of OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, for which she received a Clarence Award for Best Supporting Actress. Liv has also been seen on our stage on a number of other occasions. She was seen several seasons ago as Fonsia Dorsey in THE GIN GAME. She was also seen as Florence in 2001 in THE RETURN OF HERBERT BRACEWELL. She gave a memorable turn as Stella Mae in our critical and popular success COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN in 2000. She was Sister Mary Christina Columbus, the exploring nun, during our first season production of the musical spoof MOTHER SUPERIOR'S HABITS. She later appeared as Olive Madison in the female version of THE ODD COUPLE that same season, and portrayed Hattie in LAUNDRY AND BOURBON & LONE STAR in 1996. Liv is always a joy to watch, and we're happy to have her back on our stage again. Thanks for everything, Liv!

SAL RUBINO (Frankie) - Sal appeared here as Nunzio in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS in 2012. He appeared as Watson in our production of SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CURSE OF THE SIGN OF FOUR in 2003. Sal originated the role of Frankie in our 2003 production of BREAKING LEGS. He is also very active with other area groups on a professional and community level. He portrayed Sweeney Todd in St. Clair Shores Players' production of SWEENEY TODD several seasons ago, Mr. Kirby in YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, and Manolo in the female version of THE ODD COUPLE. He has been a regular participant in the Tuesday Night Improv at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. He was also active with Grosse Pointe Theatre, portraying Sipos in their 2000 production of SHE LOVES ME, and Tom Hayden in SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE earlier that year. He was also seen in their production of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE last season. He also appeared as Nunzio in their 2005 production of OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS. He was seen as Detroit Attorney Thomas Chawke in DR. SWEET'S TINDERBOX at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit. He was also seen onscreen, as an extra, in the Hollywood movie KILL THE IRISHMAN. He wants to thank his wife, Sandy, for her love and support and dedicates his performance to his two granddaughters, Sophia and Mia. It's a pleasure to have him back on our stage!

CHRISTOPHER OAKLEY (Director) - Christopher just completed directing THE SUNSHINE BOYS. He was seen last season as Frank in our spring comedy HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES. He has been very active for our company since the beginning of Broadway Onstage. He directed last summer's THE GREAT AMERICAN SEX FARCE! and summer 2011's THE SEX MANIAC. He also directed 2010's THE SOCIAL SECURITY MURDERS. He directed our fall 2009 production of MURDER AT THE HOWARD JOHNSON'S and our fall 2008 production of MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS. Christopher directed our 2007 production of A THOUSAND CLOWNS and our fall 2006 production MISTER 80%. He directed Avon Players' 2007 production of A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, and also directed YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU there. In September of 2006, he directed Grosse Pointe Theatre's opening production DIAL "M" FOR MURDER, and he directed our production of THE FOURSOME in January of 2006, and our EPIC PROPORTIONS in the spring of 2005. He has directed a number of our most successful productions, including BREAKING LEGS several seasons ago, and our production of CRIMES OF THE HEART in the summer of 2001. He also directed our spring 2002 production of MISERY. In January of 2002, Christopher portrayed Lord Fancourt Babberly to great acclaim in Grosse Pointe Theatre's CHARLEY'S AUNT. Thanks for everything, Chris!

DENNIS WICKLINE (Producer/Set Design) - Dennis was just seen as Willie here in THE SUNSHINE BOYS. He was seen as Edna in Grosse Pointe Theatre's HAIRSPRAY in 2012 and was seen here as Olin in THE CHRISTMAS CAROL CAPER, SCROOGE THIS! and Frank in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS in 2011-2012. Dennis portrayed Hector in THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS here in December of 2010. He portrayed Miles in our spring 2010 comedy THE CRAZY TIME as well as appearing as Ty in THE SCOTTISH PLAY to close our 2009-2010 Season. He portrayed David O'Selznick in MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS and Elwood P. Dowd in HARVEY in the fall of 2008. He was seen as Major Powell in CORPSE and Frank in WEEKEND COMEDY here in 2008. Dennis was also seen as Bradley in THE COCKTAIL HOUR in the fall of 2004, among other productions. He is the producer of all shows at Broadway Onstage. He began producing theatre in February of 1980 at Stouffer's Eastland. This season is his thirty-third, and final season, of producing non-Equity professional theatre in the Detroit Metropolitan area. He is the author of a number of plays and musicals, including THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS. He also appeared as Fagin in Grosse Pointe Theatre's 2001 production of OLIVER! and was seen as Joe Keller in their production of ALL MY SONS in March of 2005. Dennis was also seen here in the thriller THE WOMAN IN BLACK in the fall of 2002, portraying 5 separate characters. He also directed GPT's 2005 SHOWBOAT and 2008's JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.